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Digital (R)evolution: 1st – 2nd September 2020

What to expect
Defintion, Reasons and Impacts
Digital Megatrends from Digitalization 1.0 to 2.0
Connection: from social media up to IoT and services
Intelligence: big data and artificial intelligence
New Technologies: Blockchain, 3D Printing, virtual reality an a lot more

Top speaker in this course
Dr. Marcus Disselkamp, Business Coaching

Short course description
The business environment is digital! The growing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed our daily business. In order to keep up and stay competitive, companies must adjust to these demands by digitizing their processes and business models. In this course, you will get a digital mindset to embrace innovation and a toolset to bring in fresh ways of thinking.

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Digital Revolution

Managing Technochange: 10th – 11th September 2020

What to expect
Implementing information system in organisations
Effecting organisational change
Agile Transformation
Leveraging IT for change and digital business

Top speaker in this course
Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann, University of Hamburg

Short course description
The role of IT becomes increasingly important for the corporate strategy of companies. However, this importance depends on the information systems ability to deliver value and their implementation drives organisational performance. Therefore, it is necessary that companies’ information is meaningful and useful to decision making.

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Digital Revolution

Corporate Communication: 17th – 18th September 2020

What to expect
Reputation management
Crisis management
Role play with media interaction
Corporate identity
Image and reputational management
Creating and managing the reputational platform

Top speaker in this course
Dr. Graeme Lindsay, Amiens School of Management, France

Short course description
This course explains the importance of communication within the global digital economy, exploring the company’s identity, personality and reputation at a corporate level. Moreover, of course the related Crisis Management will be highlighted.

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Selected Legal Issues