Basics of Accounting

Short course description The focus of the course is to provide participants with an introduction to accounting basics. It showcases the role of financial and managerial accounting for effective decision-making and control. It also addresses some common pitfalls when making important decisions and ways to overcome them. What to expect Introduction to Financial Accounting Understanding […]

Foundations of Finance

Short course description This course covers the fundamental building blocks of financial decision-making. It focuses on financial markets and how they are shaped by digitalization. Furthermore, it deals with strategic issues typically faced by managers, such as determining the cost of capital, capital budgeting and valuation techniques. What to expect Financial Markets and Digitalization Valuation […]

Value Based Management and Financial Analysis

Short course description This course covers the state of the art of valuation and financial analysis from a corporate perspective. A mix of case studies, class discussions and topical lectures will provide participants with a solid understanding of how to measure and manage the value, performance and solvency of companies. What to expect Day 1: […]

Management Control Systems

Short course description The aim of this course is to provide participants with a hands-on understanding of the design and use of common management control systems. This includes discussion of the planning and budgeting process, financial and non-financial performance measurement, and questions of target setting and performance evaluation. Participants learn about the usefulness of management […]

Risk Management & Fintech

Short course description This course introduces you to Risk Management & FinTech, the emerging world of applications, concepts and developments at the interface of Finance and Technology. Participants will learn important aspects of risk management in a digitalized world, the application of artificial intelligence in finance, and the nature and use of digital assets. The […]

Digital (R)evolution

Short course description The business environment is digital! The growing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed our daily business. In order to keep up and stay competitive, companies must adjust to these demands by digitizing their processes, business models as well as leadership approach. In this course, you will get a digital mindset […]

IT-enabled Business Model Innovation

Short course description This course introduces the foundations, potentials and challenges of Digital Transformation. It equips the participants with the required knowledge on IT Strategy to plan, evaluate and implement IT-enabled Business Model Innovations at incumbent organizations. What to expect IT Strategy and value of IT Foundations of Digital Transformation IT-enabled Business Model Innovation Implementation […]

Managing Technochange

Short course description The role of IT becomes increasingly important for the corporate strategy of companies. However, this importance depends on the information systems ability to deliver value and their implementation drives organisational performance. Therefore, it is necessary that companies’ information is meaningful and useful to decision making. What to expect Implementing information system in […]

Corporate Communication

Short course description This course explains the importance of communication within the global digital economy, exploring the company’s identity, personality and reputation at a corporate level. Moreover, of course the related crisis management will be highlighted. What to expect Reputation management Crisis management Role play with media interaction Corporate identity Image and reputational management Creating […]