Digital (R)evolution

Short course description The business environment is digital! The growing connectivity of people, machines, and businesses has changed our daily business. In order to keep up and stay competitive, companies must adjust to these demands by digitizing their processes, business models as well as leadership approach. In this course, you will get a digital mindset […]

Cyber Security

Short course description The power and reach of converging ICT trends makes it necessary to understand the newest developments of a software-driven, everything-connected world and their implications. This course highlights the challenges a company is facing and offers a toolbox of solutions. What to expect ■ Information security governance ■ Policies, standards and best practice […]

IT-enabled Business Model Innovation

Short course description This course introduces the foundations, potentials and challenges of Digital Transformation. It equips the participants with the required knowledge on Information Management and IT Strategy to plan, evaluate and implement IT-enabled Business Model Innovations at incumbent organizations What to expect ■ Foundations of Information Management ■ IT Strategy and value of IT […]

Managing Technochange

Short course description The role of IT becomes increasingly important for the corporate strategy of companies. However, this importance depends on the information systems ability to deliver value and their implementation drives organisational performance. Therefore, it is necessary that companies’ information is meaningful and useful to decision making. What to expect ■ Implementing information system […]

Big Data & Interactive Systems

Short course description From business intelligence and big data analytics to application to improve products and services. How can the daily-flood of data be made understandably and usable for successful business decisions? Drowning in data a company in the digital era must know how to handle them but also how to use them in their […]

Corporate Communication

Short course description This course explains the importance of communication within the global digital economy, exploring the company’s identity, personality and reputation at a corporate level. Moreover, of course the related Crisis Management will be highlighted. What to expect ■ Reputation management ■ Crisis management ■ Role play with media interaction ■ Corporate identity ■ […]

Artificial Intelligence for Managers

Short course description This course offers a practical introduction in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) for non-technical business leaders. It helps business domain experts better assess the potential of AI/ML for their businesses, avoid common pitfalls when implementing AI/ML in their organisations and initiate and execute successful data driven projects. What to expect ■ […]

Selected Legal Issues

Short course description The iimt course Selected Legal Issues offers a general introduction to Swiss contract law with a key focus on IT projects and services. This course will provide you with a basic understanding of the legal concepts governing your contractual relationships as well as with a proven methodology to develop contracts suitable for […]


Short course description The course on Competition highlights the main economics basis of competition behaviors and developments with a strong emphasis on the Digital Economy features such as for example the price setting algorithms or the impact of the sharing economy on the markets (Uber, Airbnb, etc.). The course scrutinizes the competition patterns in digital […]


Short course description The course on Competitiveness - organized in collaboration with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness led by Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) - focuses on the main drivers of competitiveness and how to strengthen the competitiveness of a company. New developments of firms strategies such as created shared value strategies are presented. […]

Project Management

Short course description In a very interactive course that can be directly applied at your company during an agile transformation or definition of a new project management method, we will discuss the challenges and benefits of Global Projects and Agile Approaches. You will get a practical insight into the latest trends in research and practice […]