Data Analytics & Machine Learning for Managers

Short course description From business intelligence and big data analytics to application to improve products and services. How can the daily-flood of data be made understandable and usable for successful business decisions? Drowning in data, a company in the digital era must know how to handle them but also how to use them in their […]


Short course description The course on Competition highlights the main economics basis of competition behaviors and developments with a strong emphasis on the Digital Economy features such as the price setting algorithms or the impact of the sharing economy on the markets (Uber, Airbnb, etc.). The course scrutinizes the competition patterns in digital markets as […]

Impact Evaluation for Managers

Short course description For effective decision making, it is crucial to evaluate the consequences or impact of specific actions or policies, whether it’s the impact of pricing strategies on sales or of employee training on productivity. This course provides an introduction to cutting-edge data-driven impact evaluation methods—a critical tool for supporting decision-making within companies and […]